Consultation - Arrange a free consultation and site visit with our trained professional to explain the benefits of of 3D/VR photography and to understand your requirements.  

Estimate - Provide a 'no obligation' quote for the services offered. 

Scan - With the estimate accepted we will arrange a suitable time to scan your property/space  – (approx. 90 mins for a 3 bedroomed terrace house).

Post Production -  This involves 'stitching' the images together to make a complete 3D rendering of your property and creating automatic 'fly throughs' (the VR Tour), arranging floor plans, still captures of your space (photos) and tagging rooms/items of interest etc

Delivery -  you receive a link and embed code from between 24 and 48 hours* from commencement of scan.

Publish - You are ready to go live after receiving your url or simple to use embed code.

* Most scans will be delivered in this time frame but larger properties or more complicated post production may take longer.




To find out more about 360 VR or to arrange a free consultation, please get in touch.